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seerelated , 20 Feb 2008

Annoyed when someone stops you from picking?

Does anyone else get an extremely frustrated feeling when someone grabs your hand away when you're picking? My sister always slaps my hand away or yells at me when I start to pick, and I get so annoyed because if the entire scab isn't gone, I'll go insane. And I can't keep picking right in front of her because she will just stop me again so I either have to secretly do it or leave the room and finish there. Does anyone else do this?
28 Answers
March 13, 2008
Hey,your not alone...i get hit on my hands all the time by my 11 year old stepsonand also co-workers.I get really annoyed that they hit my hands,but i guess i'm annoying them too.When my husband catches me i try to hide my hands to keep doing it.OMG,it's hell!
March 17, 2008
Yeah, I get very frustrated when someone physically or verbally stops me from picking. I, too, feel great anxiety until the entire scab is gone. I keep thinking if I can just get rid of the scab then the skin underneath will be smooth and healthy, even though rationally I know that's not the case. I just joined this site and aside from my grandmother and father, I've never known anyone else who picks. I always thought it was a family quirk and no one else did this. It's great to know I'm not the only one out here suffering from this obsession.
March 17, 2008

In reply to by pickyme

I am the same way. If I catch someone watching me, I have to go to the bathroom or someplace else to finish picking. For me, I MUST get rid of the scab. I hate having scabs on my scalp, so I pick. Then the scab comes back and I pick again. It is a horrible cycle.
March 18, 2008

In reply to by pickyme

I do the same thing about thinking the skin will be healthy underneath. I think the scabs are ugly and they stop my cuts from breathing so I pick them off. I can't say that's the only reason I pick because I don't even know why I do it, but I do think that my mind says it's making the cuts better if the scabs are gone.
July 21, 2008

In reply to by pickyme

I have the same thing about the skin underneath, its like you've got to keep picking until its all the nice smooth skin, and then itl be ok and stay like that. Its so good to hear im not the only person who does that
May 18, 2008
Hi everyone I am new to this forum. My husband gets annoyed when I pick the skin off my fingers and yes I will get annoyed when he says something to me. I will go to another room. For me, I just really get pleasure from picking my fingers. I think it has been one of the few pleasures of my life. But I do know that I am hurting myself. I thought I was the only one who ever did this. Wow, I am just kinda shocked right now!
May 28, 2008
You are not alone. I get so annoyed when someone tells me to stop picking. I may momentarily stop in front of them, but it will consume my mind, agitate me, and at the first free change, I'll go to a different room or the bathroom and pick away. I hate it.
May 31, 2008
yep, I hate that! For me picking produces a sense of relief.... from what I'm not exactly sure, but I sooooo get your feeling of annoyance if the entire scab is not gone.... I NEED it to be gone - ALL gone or I just feel insane! If someone interrupts this, I feel like I want to lash out at them (verbally) like, what right do they have to interrupt me (???) as if what I'm doing isn't totally insane!!!? Oh well, I think it is the 'nature of the beast'! Thanks for this.... I think the more we share, perhaps the better this thing can be better understood.
June 07, 2008
Oh God, yes! I hate it when people say something. I go to the bathroom and spend hours there. I gets so annoyed that a person interupts me. In a weird way it makes happy...? I don't know. I just found out that what I'm doing is a real condition today, so this is very new. I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm 16 so it good to break this habit now, rather than later.
June 09, 2008

In reply to by loveblue

hi there, i noticed your age are a similar age to my son who picks, have you stopped picking or do you still do it.... i am really looking for help to deal with it, i am a mum and i care and i would like to hear from someone who has the problem as my son doesnt really talk, although i had a terrible weekend, i was trying to get him to go out in a tee shirt , the tops of his arms are bad but he can get away with a te shirt, hes just so scared of his friends finding out.... i hope you are dealing with yuor problem and my request for help does not upset you
June 09, 2008

In reply to by wilf

No, it doesn't upset me at all. I hope I can help someone else. I do still pick but it has stopped a lot more since I have started using more natural soaps and face creams. Not only do they clean your skin and make the scars fade, but they also get rid of a lot of the pimples and other things that people pick at. Plus when you have nice clear skin you're not going to want to mess that up :). Also you don't really want to force him to do anything, but try to make him go out in t shirts more because he's going to need to get over that and become more confident. Before he does anything to stop the picking, he's going to have to start slow and not hide. I think it's going to be hard to do but if he really wants a change then he can do it. And try to monitor how long he spends in front of the mirror... Even though it will annoy him; hence the topic name.
June 26, 2008
Yes!! I can't think of any time I've ever felt such frustration. I cant stop myself from picking at my arms and legs, and my boyfriend knows I do it, so I've asked him to stop me. The problem is everytime he tries to stop me I get really angry. Sometimes I get so frustrated I actually cry. That moment when I realise hes right and I don't actually want to pick, but something inside me still forces me, its so upsetting. The worst is if I've already chosen a spot or scab or blemish or whatever and I'm about to pick it. If he stops me then I always whinge at him "noo please let me finish this one please". I really plead. Its pathetic. I actually phisically fight back if hes holding me, I even run away. Anything so I can finish that last one. But then of course I carry on and on and I can never stop. Its heartbreaking for me that I'm so horrible to him when hes only trying to help, but I cant help it. Its like I become a different person and nothing else matters apart from picking. I even stop caring about my boyfriend's feelings when I'm picking, which is so terrible and sad, because really his feelings are the most important thing in the world to me. When I wake up from my trance and realise that all he wanted to do was give me a hug, and I pushed him away I feel so guilty. So I deal with it all by picking again.
October 11, 2010

In reply to by timetostop

My daughter pics and I have talked with her about it and told her I will just send you a quiet sign with my hand so as not to embarass her in front of people, because she will pick anywhere anytime and she picks over her entire body and most of the time it is for no reason, there is nothing there. She gets very angry with me when I try to stop her and becomes very agressive and volitile. She has always picked but when she was about 13-15 she started cutting herself rather than pick. She finally stopped the cutting and now as she is approaching 20 she picks even more so. She picks daily..hourly..she probably has about 300 purple marks over her legs, back, arms, chest, buttox and face. She is such a beautiful girl it just breaks my heart to see her mutilate herself like this. Please tell what I can do to help her. Mom
October 11, 2010

In reply to by momofapicker

Oh my gosh, my heart breaks for a mom of two beautiful children, the thought of them hurting themselves in this way is devistating!!! i have been a picker for years, but not a extreme picker...I show all my skin and just have episodes now and biggest fear is that my children will get my nervous picking daughter was biting her nails and this is why I responded to your letter...I got her (3.5 yrs at the time) to stop biting her nails completely...and it was extreme believe me...down to blood sometimes..the way I did it was with positive reinforcement and re direction...What is your daughters FAVORITE thing in this world that you could provide her with if she were to finish a chart....first start with a 7 day chart...and tell her you will keep starting over at the first day if she picks..If she can go for a full 7 days without picking take her to the mall or lunch of her choice and let her fell REWARDED by you..with something small like a shirt or movie...then double the amount of days and same rules apply...if she can go 14 days with out picking (using a sticker chart, so she can see her progress) give her a slightly larger reward....then add another 10 to the that would be 24 on the next chart..and perhaps if she can go 50 days make that the BIG reward...trip with mom or a sought after purchase she has been longing for...praise her daily and tell her how you are breaking a terrible habit together and you will help her find healthier ways soothe herself, because she is so young she is going to come to regret all the damage she is causing of luck Rachel
July 16, 2008
I totally understand your frustration because i pick both my fingers and toes. I usually try to pick when I am alone but sometimes I start to do it in front of my mom when we are watching tv or driving without realizing it. She says," Stop picking!" or "Poor toes" and when she says that I get so frustrated i snap back at her like ," I know!!! Stop nagging me!!!" And then afterwards I feel so bad because I know she is trying to help me so my picking gets worse. I am 16 and I just can't stop and when someone points it out I get so embarrassed I protect myself by getting mad.
July 21, 2008
I can TOTALLY empathize where you're coming from! It's one of the most frustrating things because while you realize you're doing something wrong, you still want to do it!
July 21, 2008
Definately, whenever my family see me, they make me show them my hands and stuff, and stare at them and discuss them, like its not bed enough, without everyone discussing it. its really frustrated when your picking at a scab and someone slaps your hand or grabs hold of your hand so you cant even move
August 22, 2008
For as long as I can remember I picked. I have always picked the center of my top lip. My family had always been okay with it. They were already so used to it, it never bothered them, and if it did, they never said anything. Now that I am married, my husband tends to pull my hand away or tell me to quit it when he sees me. It makes me so mad. I will sometimes stop, then I just find myself biting the inside of my lips. Most of the time though I will just move away from him so I can continue. Someone said it was a comfort, I agree. I tend to pick at a lot more than just my lips though. Scabs, cuticles, dead skin after a sun burn. I have also found myself picking at things other than my body, if I can peel it, I will. The other night I even found myself trying to pick at my lip while my husband and I were being intimate. To me it's a security, a comfort. Almost like a childs "blankie" (blanket). I never though there was anything wrong with me, and I still don't, I am just glad to see I am not the only one who does this.
August 27, 2008

In reply to by Anomar1

Im the same, I will pick anything. I remember when I was little I would put glue on things so I could peel it off when it dired, or if paint was peeling of doors id pick it. I think it is a comfort thing to do
October 14, 2010

In reply to by agnesuk

Oh yeah, the glue thing! We used to spread wood lue on our palm and pull it off, even wrote notes to each other on it! I loved doing that as a kid. Maybe that's why I still pull off any kind of loose or flaky skin.

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