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azure , 27 Nov 2009 new here but not new to picking...

Hello everyone. I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in this, I thought that I was the only one...I know that therapy would help, but I spent five years in therapy (due to my mother's absence) and I feel so bad at the thought of my parents getting me another therapist. So, what else can I do? I'm sixteen, I've been doing this since I started getting acne, and I could use the moral support of people that understand what I'm going through. Thanks and let's beat this together!
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Lara Coimbra
November 27, 2009
i wish the best for you... i did therapy last year for a few months but felt that nothing was changing... in my opinion they don't understand what's happening deep inside of us(?) Here where i live no one had never heard about picking and i discovered alone many things about it. this web site helped me a lot about my discussion with my parents and to understand myself better. actualy i started a therapy for solving my attention disturb and i presented to the therapist(?) this web site.

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