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eclipse77 , 28 Nov 2009

Scalp Picking :/

I am fourteen years old and I pick my scalp. I am really not sure why I do it, sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. It doesn't itch and it doesn't gross me out when I touch it. I have like three or four medium/large sized scabs and I always pick them open and it's very VERY weird... but I actually sometimes eat them. /: I honestly think I like the feel of picking off scabs and that painful feeling when they come off. I really need to know why I do this and how to stop it! Also, clear liquid stuff comes out when I pick for a long time, its not to the point were I'm getting bald spots, but I do pick a lot. Is there any others like me?
28 Answers
August 05, 2012
im 11 yrs. old and ive had scabs on my head since march. rite now its the beggining of august. i always picked them when i was bored or not paying attention. last nite my dad gave me a haircut that was short, and when he did he found out that on top of my biggest and most picked scab... there was a bald spot about half the size of a dime :( now the method that i use when im anxious to pick a scab i say to myself: bald spot, bald spot, as if not wanting to get it worse. its helping me not pick my scabs!
August 30, 2012
well im 14 now but it hasnt gotten as bad as to me getting bald spots but im glad to know im not the only one
September 15, 2012
I'm 12 and I have this thing where I pick at my scalp and I eat my flakes. I know, very disgusting and I am very ashamed of it. I started when I was 7, I think. Its getting way too out of hand. Like, I will rub(not to hard, though.) my scalp and I will look at my fingers, and if I see white flakes, I will eat it. Its very disturbing to me and my family and my friends and I tell myself almost every single day, that This is the day I will stop. But, I don't. When I was 6, I accedently got toothpaste in my hair and I picked at it and ate it. thats where it all got started. :( I use to eat my scabs but I taught myself not to do that anymore. I guess its selfsteming... but It needs to stop. I'm capable of giving myself very dangerous diseases. :( Atleast I know I'm not the only one. :(
September 19, 2012
im 16 years old and i pick at my scalp, its something i really want to stop doing, but thats almost impossible to do when you don't even realize you are doing it. whenever i get bored i start picking at it, and now my scalp hurts when i shower and the water hits it. I have to stop because its really starting to effect my scalp but it is so hard to stop!
September 25, 2012
Hello I'm 21 years old i have scratch marks on my scalp from picking at my hair is there any chance it will heal , Thank you
December 15, 2012
My addiction is not that bad since i just started and i am 13 years old, but i started when i realized i have a serious dandruff problem. I would pick and pick at my scalp until i saw little flakes of blood on my finger, wash my hair, and then find the scabs a few days later and peel them off. I think it's weird but i like the tingling, burning feeling when i peel the scabs off and i like to look at it but i don't eat it. At first it was five patches all over the back of my head but now it just one huge spot in the front. It hurts so bad but i can't stop. It bleeds a lot but i like it so much. I don't do it at school i do it when i am bored or when nobody can see me peeling. After i am done feeling around my head for spots to peel and when i am done peeling it burns and itches badly. I wish i could stop.
December 24, 2012
I have been scalp picking for 24 years, I find it very embarrasing, have used every excuse to hide it, I can have anything from one scab to twenty small ones dotted all over, bald patches on some, and then try and blame stress or allergies when my hairdresser asks what has happened to my scalp. I do have periods where I stop for a week or two but it always starts up again. I too eat the scabs, why? I wouldnt eat a scab off a cut anywhere else and would be sick if I see someone else do it. I have cut my nails really short, tied my hair back, rubbed antiseptic cream on them, hoping the taste and feel would deter me, however nothing stops that hand feeling constantly for a bit of scab to peel back and feel the wet clear fluid underneath. My husband and children never ask what I am doing, but they must think its disgusting, I try not to do it right in front of them, but catch myself half way through picking sometimes when it hurts. I am relieved there are others that do this as thought I was just gross, hopefully one day I will stop but cant see how.
December 26, 2012
I also pick my scalp to the point I dig into my scalp to get to the scab so I can eat it. I eat all my scabs and find great pleasure in pulling extra skin off if I can to make my scabs bigger and longer. I scratch my self usually my arms to make new scabs. I have no idea why I do this its just been put down by the medical profession as self harming. I suffer from anxiety, depression and agrophobia and have been since I was aged 12 when I had my my first serious attack of anxiety I am now aged 47. I was given medication at the age of 12 and my mum was told to send me back to school. I was never given any form of councelling to find out why at such a young age I suffered from such strong anxieties. My present GP believes that it is so deep rooted or in his words buried that the real reason may never come to light.

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