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Mel123 , 30 Nov 2009

Acne pickers? please give advice

Is there anyone else who picks at acne? I could really use some advice.. I have acne on my chest, back and upper arms and I spend hours picking them every night, sometimes there isnt even i spot there i just try to draw some sort of puss from the skin, is this a form of releif? I don't understand.. I feel fine in the day! Its just when it comes to night i start to pick and sit there and cry. Its awful because it makes me really moody and im horrible to all my family at night, its also having an effect on my confidence. I dont like showing my back or chest when i go out.. anyway if you have any sort of advice i would be so greatfull..
3 Answers
December 03, 2009

In reply to by Ang-eh

that's the rub, i think, the fact that this does usually start with a real sore, a real acne spot, a pimple, whatever. I don't think initially it is all in your head, but at some point when you keep scratching at yourself, you do realize it is beyond acne. I don't really think of it as" picking" unless there is some sort of puss issue (and if that is the case then you DO have infection and should probably be on antibiotics or something). You probably DO have acne, and in my opinion, it does seem to get better quicker if you pick it and then put an antibacterial cleanser on it...but maybe that's just all in my head, a justification ? I have gone to a number of dermatologists for the "acne" on my back and they are really quite kind, they have never come straight out and acused me of doing it myself (which I appreciate). But one time a dermatologist told me to put lotion on my back, instead of anti-acne cleansers, and he said, "don't itch your back, keep it moisturized"...I tried that but then it seemed even worse. I had red welts developing that to me, were acne...... interestingly, whenever I was pregnant (3 times) my skin always cleared up....I think it was a combination of the hormones, and also, the nausea....If I were to try to reach behind my head to scratch my back up, I would feel nauseous,so I stopped doing it...then sometime after the birth it would all resume. I would have thought I would have gotten over all this by my age. I never would have dreamed two decades ago this would still be plaguing me (but it had been worse, so maybe I should count my lucky stars ?)
December 04, 2009
I too am an acne picker. I wish i could give you advice that helped me but everytime there is a break out I go through the same thing. I guess just be conscious of not letting it spread. For years I only did my face, then it turned into my legs (in grown hairs that of course arent really there) after a very upsetting break up and now its my chest a bit too (though ive stopped with my legs). I wear long shirts to bed and keep my nails incredibly short. My therapist has me logging when I do it and it is so shocking to me that it fits such a schedule that you could almost set a time to it. To try and counter this I asked my sister to call me in the evening and avoid mirrors. Realize that this is bigger than acne and its not just going to go away when you get the perfect cleanser or whatever. realize that it can always happen again and got one day at a time. and know you are not alone. I wish you the very best of luck.

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