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Poppy , 20 Feb 2008

Only now am I feeling anxious

Hi guys I'm a happy person, I love life and I have never felt depressed. I do have stresses related to my studies. Until I came on this site looking for way out of my perpetual picking, I didn't feel anxious. Now I do feel anxious. Not only does it seem that there are is no way out of this torment but that I have soul search and find that hidden anxiety. I pick everything, my scalp, my ears, my nose, my acne, all bumps on my skin and I bite the skin off my fingers until they bleed. I am starting to feel like a disgusting horrible women. So if my anxiety is due to my picking and my picking is due to my anxiety, it seems that there is no way out. I'm feeling sadder by the minute. I know what I do is disgusting but like so many of you, talking myself out of it doesn't work. Sorry, now I do sound depressed. I'm happy that I'm not alone, but I'm sad that so many of you also suffer with this infliction. Poppy

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