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oomeoo , 04 Dec 2009

Ok I'm getting some info

i'm new to talking about stuff like this. NO ONE knows or will know about this because it's so embarrassing. But i feel like i need to research it because it's starting to drive me insane. I can't stop picking at my nose, scabs, zits.. anything.. i dont eat it or anything like that but i pick and pick and pick... and i remember doing this when i was young too but it's starting to get worse and worse.. I pick at scabs in my nose that i'm sure i made until my hands hurt or my nose bleeds cuz i actually got the scab. I'm sure my boyfriend has noticed and my daughter cuz i'll lay on the couch and pick away.. ugh.. so how do you get yourself to stop this all together? i've been doing this for years and just realizing that this is a problem and it needs to stop!!
2 Answers
December 08, 2009
I don't honestly think there is a cure but I think the best thing is, is to distract yourself. I have taken to wearing an elastic band around my wrist & when I get the urge I twang it against my skin, basically it snaps me out of it (for a short time at least) Just keep checking out the site for support & remember you are not alone there are people here to listen no matter what.
December 09, 2009
Maybe try to focus on not touching at least just one area at a time, until you retrain yourself to stop (for instance, I used to scratch "bumps" on my buttocks and they'd scab and look awful and when I would get exercise and sweat, the salt would burn them and it would start this whole vicous cycle).....I no longer touch my buttocks at all and there aren't any "bumps" anymore.....I just told myself to stop doing it (however I still allowed myself to pick my face and back). Now I've conquered my face and I just now need to stop with the back........when I've tried to go cold-turkey all picking everywhere (I used to try to twirl a stress ring)...I would fail least now I'm mostly successful......

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