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lizzz , 06 Dec 2009

When it becomes a habit

So I think I started picking at the skin on the sides of my thumbnails and at the tops of my thumbnails when I was in the fourth grade. I know they say dermatillomania can be caused by stress, but it stopped being something I do when I'm stressed. Now I do it when I'm bored or anytime really. It's absentminded. I want to stop because it's totally gross and I feel cannibalistic. Does anyone have good ways of how they stopped? Sometimes I sit on my hands, but that gets uncomfortable. -lizzz
1 Answer
December 07, 2009
since you bite your nails, maybe you could put that clear icky-tasting polish on that they use for kids to stop sucking their thumbs ? Just a thought....although I have my own problem (scraping up my back) I can't really identify with cuticles and hang nails.....I suppose I never saw anybody in my house bite them so I never even figured out it could be done....(I did witness my mom and brother picking at their skin though).....

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