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Midvalley_HF , 14 Dec 2009

Concerns about a significant other...

Hey everyone, I have some concerns about my significant other who has admitted that she has a problem with skin picking when approached by me on the subject. I'm aware that admitting a problem in the first place is a pretty big step in the scheme of things, however, she doesn't seem to pursue futher help on the subject. She says to me that she has done this for many years and it is evident from her facial, arm and upper back scarring. As part of her support, I'm starting to become concerned that she will not face this head-on. She appears content continuing, at least in my eyes, and makes excuses to avoid therapy on a consistent basis. As someone who cares about her well-being, I'd like to know what anyone would recommend as a course of action to take in helping her along. I've sat back and gently reminded her to go to her sessions, but she will avoid it most weeks. Would it be better to let her completely handle it on her own? Or should I try to intervene somehow? I'm aware from personal experience that it is extremely difficult to move in a positive direction with serious problems, especially ones that involve necessary help from an outside party. I have to say that, in my case, it was a very personal decision to pursue help. Am I doing more harm than good trying to encourage her to do the same? I do apologize in advance if this is not appropriate for this forum, given the concern is for another and not for myself. Thanks in advance if anyone has anything positive to say. -Taro

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