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Midvalley_HF , 14 Dec 2009

Now a little bit about myself

Well, I found it interesting that researching my significant other that I found out that I have problems with this as well. I have discovered that several of my idle habits can be attributed to dermatillomania. At 22, I'm quite ashamed and somewhat embarrassed that I still have acne issues. I've tried at least 8 different types of medication, treatments-in-a-bottle and any number of advertised magic potions for my face. Nothing works to completely clear it. If I have a notoriously bad zit (I personally can't stand the look of whiteheads and I am plagued by them often), I usually just run my finger over it until it pops. Before I shave, I routinely do a little run-over of my face to check if I'm going to rip any of them open, as that is a rather unwelcome and bloody surprise. I also can't help but to bite at my nails or fiddle with hangnails, often until either ends up bleeding if I'm stressed. In the past, I've not noticed that I bite my nails habitually, but in recent years I've had my hand slapped away from my face frequently for doing so. I've started to discover that I may have a problem here, but I don't really experience any release or relief as my significant other describes it. (She is the only other person I have spoken to about this, given we both have different versions of the same problem). The picking at acne is a self-esteem issue, I'm quite sure. I've always dreaded having acne and once it set in, I became very self-conscious of it. And it had the wonderful consideration to stay until my As I've read up on it, I've attempted to pick at things less, but it still happens. Biting my nails is far more common, as its easy to bite a little bit here and there while reading or cooking or driving...etc. Perhaps I should seek help? Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to start down that road or if I should pursue it. Any advice?

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