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Kate King , 15 Dec 2009

im new

Hi, I have joined on behalf of a friend who is suffering greatly with OCD and CSP. I just spoke with him, last night he spent 9 hrs going at himself. I will purchase the book and will give it to him and his family. I welcome any other suggestions of how I can support him at this time. He is at the end of himself, and I think feels suicidal at times. I feel afraid for him and I want him to find some relief. It has been a long haul for him almost 30 yrs for the OCD. He has doctors, has been pursuing meds and botox treatments. Thanks in advance to those who respond.
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December 17, 2009
I think you are very sweet to try and help your friend....just don't take it personally if he is unable to do the things you want....the OCD behaviors do provide a type of psychological comfort that non-OCD sufferers can't understand......And meds, etc. are not THAT successful....there's no magic cure....and the fact that he;s been doing it so long makes me skeptical that he can find new coping mechanisms (speaking from personal experience)...

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