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catl , 29 Dec 2009

Leave/take a tip to help stop picking

So, i dont know about you guys, but i pick my face, cuticles, and lip. I need ways to try and stop this, and I'm sure you do to otherwise you wouldnt be reading this. So here are a few things that have helped me, and if you want, you can leave your tips that have helped you. (: -Wear plastic gloves on hands at home -Cover up mirror when you dont need it -Wear bandages on fingertips -Wear my teeth retainer -Focus on one motivation whether its a partner, event, or whatever That's all i got, please leave whatever helps you!!!
4 Answers
January 17, 2010
omg i have had this problem for about a year but i cant stop its disgusting i subconsiously tuck my thumbs into my hands when im going anywhere. i even try and lye about it when my friends and family ask me about it i say stuff like i fell over and scraped it on the road. it started off with just a little bit on my thumb and then i kept picking and biting it. now it covers almost all of the top left hand side of my thumb. i told myself to stop so i just did it on my other thumb and middle finger. the best way for it to heal is antiseptic cream because it clears up the dryness. ive found that by taking your mind off it helps so now whenever i feel the urge to i just do some dwawing on a bit of paper
January 17, 2010
I lie about it too, i'm too embarassed to admit what i have actually done i tend to scratch my ears and neck in my sleep for some reason and i always blame that on burn from straighners and try and wear my hair down as often as possible. Something that has helped me is to find a object that you can pick at instead for example if i am out and about and i feel the urge to pick i often pick the stiches from my pockets and then fix them when i get home or i pick nail varnish away from my fingernails. thanks for the anticeptic tip i often find it hard to pick when my skin is moist
January 17, 2010
I HIGHLY recommend that anyone with these issues see a psychiatrist. It was immediately obvious to mine that I have OCD, based solely on the skin picking (the intensity and duration might have helped in the diagnosis - when I was diagnosed I was picking for hours each day). Apparently, any compulsive picking is at least an anxiety issue, if not full on OCD. I was shocked to hear that I had OCD, and at first thought it might be a mistake, but after my doctor diagnosed it, I started thinking of a million other ways that I'd obsessive or compulsive. I'm not the typical germaphobe, so I'd just never put two and two together. However, as soon as I went onto medication my picking improved. It took a long time, and a few medication increases and changes to feel like my picking was finally fairly under control, but, for me, medication was definitely the real solution. I'd tried to quit many times, with lots of different creative approaches (my favorite was liquid bandage on my fingertips), but until I solved the underlying chemical anxiety nothing was ever going to work long term.
January 20, 2010
I dab nail polish remover all over my finger tips. The taste is horrifying.

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