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Ann , 31 Dec 2009

OMG i'm not alone

I'm a 43 yr old,kept a secret. When i was little i can't reminber when i did't pick and eat my scabs. My grandma knew and actually encourged me to do so. She said it was meat and it's okay to do so. I never told my folks, i done it behind closed doors. My children are now grown and they have no clue i done this. I was abused as a child by my uncle, he done alot of things that i never got over with. I had to raise my children on my own, ex husband abused me while i was married to him. I never remarried due to that, now my son treat me bad. I never thought i would let anyone treat me like that again. Lately i been really picking my scalp, bleeding and it's very painfull. I kick my son out of my home, he is 22. I'm afraid that i can't get control of this habbit. I'm so alone.
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January 01, 2010
Hey Ann I am Serena just found this website and tired of the compulsive picking i do. It started when I was around 12 I am 39 now this year has been the worst My hubby is in iraq I am in school I have two children and I just can't get out of this funk I am setting up to find a doctor in my town (georgia) I stay in pain from picking and continue to pick sometimes I can't sleep because of it. I am late because of it I have picked my face so bad its starting to scar. my legs back anywhere. You are defininetly not alone girly. I will talk to you soon its late I will write you again tomorrow.

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