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xKatharine , 02 Jan 2010

Scabs. (can't believe I'm saying this!)

I just need to get this off my chest. :P I'm a scalp picker, and for me the best part of picking, other than the actual peeling/picking, is getting the scabs out of my hair once I have picked them. I run my hands across my hair to see if I feel any loose scabs and then I tend to put all the scabs in a pile, sometimes I run them across my face or lips or hands. I also smell my fingers after the picking. Sometimes (and this is really embarrassing because it's so odd) I'll throw a scab and see if I can hear it hit the floor...I really, really don't know why I do this and it freaks me out that I get pleasure from it. I also will take the pile of scabs that I have made and sprinkle them back into my hair so that I cant take them out again, which gives me a sick sort of satisfaction. What do you guys do with your scabs? I'm really interested in knowing what everyone else does, or if anyone does what I do. Just hearing other people share, no matter what kind of picking they do, makes me feel like I'm not alone in this :)
1 Answer
January 02, 2010
Wow XKatharine, that's really wild! And kinda funny too! I just like to chew mine. Actually I think that for me it would not have any satisfaction if I didn't get to chew & eat mine. And that is an awful thing to say - I don't tell anyone that, except here in this forum. Lots of my family & friends know that I pick, but don't know that I also eat. I think it would gross everybody out and they would not want to be around me.

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