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rainbow , 03 Jan 2010

Can I stop? Can I heal?

My skin picking has increased and seems to be getting worse. Every day (rarely can I go a day not doing it) I pick at my skin with my nails until it bleeds and pick at the scabs til they bleed. I seem to derive pleasure from this, I believe to feel the physical pain to distract me from the inner, emotional pain. I like the feel of warm blood dripping down my skin. I know this is not normal and I fear my legs are so scarred they may never heal. I can't wear shorts or skirts anymore. And I love swimming which I have also given up so that I won't be seen. I know when I do it that I shouldn't but I just can't seem to stop. It seems to be as powerful an addiction as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, for me. I am going to read over other posts and am very grateful I found this forum! Oh I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and might be bipolar2. I take an anti-depressant, have tried several.

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