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kitty , 03 Jan 2010

How can I help?

A friend of mine has confided in me that he has a skin picking disorder. He is depressed, and says that he does not care about his life. He tells me that the skin picking affects him so much that often he is too ashamed to see people a couple of days in every week. Having struggled in the past with depression, anxiety and other OCD-type behaviors myself, I want to encourage him to seek medical help and psychotherapy. However, his insurance situation is such that he cannot get counseling and cannot afford to go private. He's also at a place where he rejects the idea of medication for fear of side effects, and says that he doesn't have the energy to combat it himself, despite being well informed on the subject. Can anyone offer me any advice as to how I can help my friend? I can always be there to listen, but is there anything else I can do?
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January 07, 2010
Maybe if you talk to his parents they could help with the financial situation? I am also in the same spot where I am not sure if I will be covered by my health insurance, but I have recently sent an email to a therapist asking what I can do. Its possible that if rates are not too high the cost of treatment can be split between your friend and his family. (or friends) His depression seems pretty severe so I am sure there are many people that could not only emotionally stand beside your friend but maybe financially help him out.

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