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Lyric , 04 Jan 2010

Hello! :3

Hello, everyone~. I'm a fourteen year old compulsive skin picker, as you would've expected. I've been one for two years now. Every day I pick at my skin for hours and hours, and I seem to beat myself up afterward. I pick at my arms, face (nose and forehead, especially), underarms, legs, chest, etc. Pretty much everywhere with skin. I'll pick until it bleeds. I have several skin conditions - I have these... pimple-like things on my arm that basically look like inflamed chicken skin. Now, that's hard to resist picking because I pretty much has pus in every pore. I'm like that on my face as well, but thankfully it's not bumpy. =D I take this addiction very seriously. I've tried hypnosis, the rubber band method, fiddling with other things, avoiding mirrors, reading several articles several times, and I've just recently tried promising myself that I wouldn't pick for 2010. Aha, that didn't work out too well. I was pick free for four days until I finally gave in. I started out picking my skin when I started thinking about my appearance. Do you know how disgusting it is to have pus in every pore? @_@; I feel so unclean if I don't pick it out. But, yeah - I'm going to try yet again to stop. The longest I've gone is a week without picking. I have no problem telling people every detail about this, and I hope it doesn't bother you. D: So, I just read a post about the 40 day method. I've tried this a few months ago, actually. It also didn't work out well. But I'm going to try it again! I'll be combining that with the rubbing band method, the hypnosis method, the avoiding those scary mirrors method, leaving notes to remind yourself method, the writing all of the reasons why you should quit method, etc. Pretty much anything I can think of. ... Yeah, I have way too much free time. Well, this is day one. I hope I can get through it. Good luck to everyone trying to quit! Never give up, okay? 8D

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