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kcantwell , 04 Jan 2010

Possible cure - revision

This is a revision to my previously posted "Possible cure." It is based on feedback I have received from participants. This method has worked for most of those who have followed the instructions. It is my belief that the method works by interfering with the neural circuitry that causes the compulsion. If it works for you, you may provide your own reason. If you e-mail me at, I will tell you, without revealing names, the experience and reasoning of others who were successful. In any case, successful or not, I would like to know your experience with the method and your thoughts. The procedure: Choose a short sentence hereafter called the mantra. Recommendation: "I know what I'm doing." Choose some reading material not too complex. Popular novels or magazine articles work well. While you are reading your selection, voice your mantra aloud over and over again simultaneously with the reading. Do not stop the voicing of the mantra. You will see words that you know but somehow they do not seem to register their meaning. This is because you are blocking the normal pathway to cognizance. Go over the sentences or phrases several times if necessary until their meaning becomes clear. When this happens you will have established new pathways to cognizance. It is this process that interferes with the compulsion. There will be a strong temptation to stop the mantra in order for the reading matter to register its meaning. Do not yield to this temptation. Perform this mental exercise for twenty minutes in the morning for one week. During the course of each day, perform two or three two minute sessions for the purpose of reinforcement. Then before bed, do ten minutes. Relief from your compulsion should be apparent by day three and eliminated by the eighth day. But since the effect is cumulative, it is important not to miss a day during the first week. I would like to correspond with you and follow your progress, provide encouragement, and answer any questions you may have. I was a picker for over thirty years. The method worked for me. Good luck

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