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RobynnJ , 04 Jan 2010

convinced that u need to squeeze something out?

Hello.... i have recently joined after years of dealing with ocd issues... i never ully understood why i would stare into the mirror for sometimes hours and squueze and poke at every little dot on my face... i am 23 years old and have two children... it has gotten worse since having kids and this week has been a terrible one... my face is finally starting to heal... but it seems as though i squeeze every single little blackhead convinced that something needs to come out of it... before i know it im bleeding and ive ripped the skin around the area... resulting in a hideous set of marks and scabs... which i then start to picl at.... its sooooooooooo refreshing to hear that i am not alone..... now if only i could figure out how to stop........ 23/f/ ONT Canada
3 Answers
January 13, 2010
I have the same problem! I'm 22 and am getting a PhD in microbiology; I know that squeezing just pushes the bacteria deeper and worsens the inflammation, but I'm not satisfied until I've squeezed out the dirt/oil/whatever! I use nail clippers and tweezers to do it too :( I have many tiny "mini zits" on my chin and those are the worst; I feel as if they all need to be ruptured before I'm satisfied! Now I have scars and open wounds from all of it! I can't figure out how to stop either. I need to find a way to keep my hands busy. At work, when I have gloves on and am handling bacteria, it's fine - exercise helps as well...however, when I'm just sitting and reading or in front of the's a terrible, vicious cycle :( Has anyone tried anything to occupy their hands in front of mirrors or when being idle?
March 09, 2011

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if i find myself walking over to the mirror i occupy my hands with a bottle of acne gel or scar serum so that i'm in the mirror to help not hurt and if i start "searching" its to search for something that needs to be treated. works pretty well.
March 09, 2011
I know this was posting a while ago-but i so relate. How are you atm? I have normal skin any1 would say but i need to squeeze out what looks like blocked pore/blackhead. Ive got pink marks over face. I cant leave them. Its looking close which leads me to do it-sumtimes it may feel itchy-then i'l do it. Cant stop-cant bear them appearing. Even thought they r rele small. Avoiding mirrors-sticking to natural methods is the way outta this. X

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