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hmf_74 , 07 Jan 2010

Dermatillmania and Dermatophagia

I have been picking and biting at my skin for the past 19 yrs. Its now come to the point where my boyfriend of 2 years has had enough of this condition. I know I need to stop and I want to altho I am afraid too. What probably hurts the most is how much I don't think he understands this OCD. He tells me to just stop, like its that easy. Or to grow up since I started this as a child. Its just not as simple as that and I wish he could understand that a little more. I do tell him what it is, but I don't think it really matters to much. He just wants me to stop. I don't have the money to pay a person for therapy altho I am sure I need it. I know this is something I can not just stop on my own, because I have tried many ways to stop with all attempts failing. Granted small toys and hand held games keep my hands busy, I do have to put those things down at some point and when I do, the picking just becomes an overwhelming thing that I feel I need to do. I don't use a mirror I don't need to for the picking is on my fingers. I do occasionally pick at scabs and a pimple here and there. The major urges though are the fingers. Mainly my thumb. My fingers are always sore, they bleed, and I know I am only deforming the skin. I want to stop, I just need to find a beginning place. Now that I am out with it, I don't know what's next...

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