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ssw-0760 , 08 Jan 2010

Band-Aid Allergy

Man - I almost had my skin cleared up - I had been wearing band-aids. Put on a fresh batch yesterday - thought I'd wear them a little longer to give more healing time. But today I started itching intensely everywhere I had the boo-boos. I finally ripped off all the band-aids and my skin looks awful. The sores are swollen up, and very itchy. That makes it almost impossible to keep from scratching. I hate this stuff.
1 Answer
January 08, 2010
I can so relate. mine are healing up nicely since i have found this site..but i was out shopping today & it was hot, and my hand began to itch so bad that the rubbing made my sore bleed..i put a bandaid on it & it itched like crazy, but at least i couldnt scratch it..I often put bandaids on my legs, only to take them off at night and scratch..but i have stopped that now, partly because i have found this site & now understand i am not alone and people struggle with itchiness of skin, which makes wounds from the scratching & then they spread because u get a infection in your blood really sux, but now i have found betadine ointment really works a treat for clearing them up & soothing the itch, then u can put bandaids or a bandage on

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