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krawckri , 13 Jan 2010

Biting/picking my fingers

On day 4 Well I just posted some pictures in my profile on under "stop biting my fingers and stop eating my fingers" Some pretty upclose and personal pics of my hands. I joke that I have 2 normal fingers but its pretty much true. Just my ring finger and middle finger on my left hand. Don’t know why I left them alone for the most part? That being the reason for why I want to stop soo bad. What guy is gonna wanna put a ring on that finger and how on earth would I have any confidence to show it off?! I can’t curl my fingers- I wanna be able to toss out my hand like the lucky lady I hopefully will be one day with that rock blingin’! Hopefully more of you will post some pictures. Don’t be shy please… I did it and I think it will help looking back as I make progress and encourage others- even if I do fall off the wagon, I will post my bad days too. I’ve never seen what it looks for hands or fingers to heal from this. Only before pictures. Im really curious to see if the puffyness goes down or away and if the pigment changes. (Let’s not forget its winter and im pale like no other!) I REALLY wanna stop for good and talk to/help others too.
2 Answers
January 13, 2010
you can find my active blog and profile under the username krawckri :D please come join me in this battle! :)
January 13, 2010
Just made my first appointment with a therapist in Feb.- eek!

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