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luckyla1024 , 14 Jan 2010

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Hello everyone. I'm a 25 year old graduate student, and I've been struggling with OCD, depression, anxiety and skin picking for most of my life. Like many of you have said, this forum is so amazing because it's such a wonderful thing to know that we really aren't the only ones in the world who do this, even though so much of the time it feels like we are. I just wanted to let everyone know about my blog, I started therapy for anxiety and depression three years ago, and after getting those under control, was finally able to recognize the OCD for what it was. I started specialized treatment for the OCD and picking last year, and it has uncovered some really amazing things for me. I won't claim to have miracle cures or all the answers, but I started blogging about my experience in treatment because I was so frustrated for so many years feeling like no one with this problem has really discussed what the treatment process is like. Finding this forum about a year ago was really inspiring to me--just knowing I'm not alone!--and I want to share my experiences with others so maybe they won't feel so alone. It's difficult to face the treatment process, and the unknowns can be pretty intimidating. Like a lot of you, I didn't know what to do with myself when I couldn't pick, and I had to learn how to understand the process of changing my behaviors one by one. It's a difficult process, but there is treatment out there that works, and I hope I can share those experiences and strategies. Most of what I write about is the therapy process, strategies, processes that work and don't work for me and why, and the like. I also sometimes review books and articles that I've read that have been interesting or particularly helpful. There is no miracle cure for picking, but there are ways to win the battle. I'm so glad all of you have found this forum and are talking about your experiences- that's an important step and it takes a lot of courage to take it. I welcome any of you that are interested in checking out the blog, and I hope it is helpful!

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