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It-aint-easy , 16 Jan 2010

No more guilt

It's important to not feel like what your doing is normal I strongly believe. I mean knowing your not the only one that suffers with this problem is incouraging in a way, to me it gives me a reason to tell people that i suffer from a form of ocd and by telling people that as much as i can it makes the other people that suffer from the same type of problem a little less alone. This only helps so much tho. Smokers have alot of other smokers to make them feel like what they are doing is normal and that isn't helping them one bit. You have to remind yourself every day that what your doing is wrong and very dangerous. Now this only needs to happen a few times a day to help, obsessing is part of the problem so dwelling on the negatives are bad. Make small goals that you can reward yourself for, goals that don't make stopping something the focus. Feeling proud of yourself is so important and my problems always get worse when i don't remind myself what i should feel proud of myself for. Don't be proud of things you did not do tho, pyschologically it confuses you, because not doing something makes you feel like you didnt complete something or finish something. Finishing things is important to everyone otherwise what is the point in starting, but if your definition of finishing something is changed than it becomes alot easier to achieve this. So if you didn't finish all your laundry or the dishes reward yourself with some enjoyment time for finishing "all the whites" or "all the silver ware". More examples of these small achievements and rewards are very welcome and I will be adding them often as i can, please feel free to do the same. Also I'd like to say to that I would prefer if you didn't add all of the ones you can think of all at once but just a few. This incourages you to reward yourself for achieving the first small goal, participating in the solution. Which gives others the chance of doing the same and we can then all feel proud of this and reward ourselves with something appropriate "bubble bath maybe, some comfort food perhaps, a little bit of music etc". Just make sure to plan a small goal to achieve before or during your reward, this insures you won't feel guilty during or after the reward making you feel even more deserving of your reward and looking forward to the next one ^_^

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