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nolafeline , 09 Mar 2008

Scalp Picking

I am new to this forum and here is my story..... I am a scalp picker. I have been this was since I was 13 (I am 35 now). Just recently it has gotten severe. More severe than it has ever been. I lost my mother to cancer on Christmas Day 2007. While I am living with my boyfriend and have friends, I feel so alone and depressed. I am an only child so the death of my mother is very hard. My dad died when I was 25. He was an alcoholic. An abusive one. I hated my life growing up and now that I am truly on my own I hate it that much more. I guess I pick because I feel depressed and anxious. I am seeing a psychiatrist, but I don't think my medication is helping. Is anyone taking medication that seems to be helping them? If so, what are you taking? My hair looks like crud becuase of the scalp picking. I want to get my hair done like every other woman, but I can't let anyone see my scalp. What have I done ot myself? Well that is my story. I hope to stop picking one day. ES
4 Answers
December 23, 2008
I can relate to you. My picking actually started in elementary school and I would pull out hairs from my head one by one. It was always in the same area. I would feel around for the coarse ones and then pull them out. Then I would want to look at the roots. I didn't realize I was doing it until my mom (who was very verbally and physically abusive) pointed out that I was getting a little bald spot. I am not sure when, but at some point in my adolescence I stopped picking my hair so much and started picking at my legs with tweezers. I would purposely not shave my legs so I could pull out hairs. Again, I would search for the ones that were not soft and smooth. Since then, the picking has become a whole-body issue and not just hairs. I pick at pores, scabs, my scalp. etc. I have the same anxieties about going to get my hair done because I am sure that most of my scalp is one big scab. My husband tells me that I even scratch an pick at my head when I am sleeping!! Yikes! I had talked to a therapist about this who pretty much did not take me seriously. I am taking meds for panic attacks, which happen to be the same kind of meds they would prescribe for picking, but I have seen no improvement on the picking issue. Thanks for sharing your story with us and I wish you the best.
July 20, 2010

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Hi there, i have been picking my scalp for about 2-3 months, and i hate myself for doing it! i am so happy that i am not the only one who has this horrible habit! i used to be a face picker, but i got over that habit, and started scratching my scalp. i can stop for about a day, and then i just pick, stop, pick, stop, and pick. i really need help!
January 06, 2009
wash your hair a lot and then try not to pick it as much...dont worry my cuzin does the same exact thing and she noticed the same thing. she stopped picking at it and shampooed more than usual for a while and it all grew bak so dont worry.

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