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Delta , 18 Jan 2010

who has seeked help/who hasn't?

I was just hopeing maybe we could all share our stories here as to how getting or not getting help is working out for us. I myself only the other week realise that i probably do suffer from this condition, i always knew it was not right what i did but i never thought until i decided to see if other people also did it that it was an actual condition. (there's need to be more awareness about this people always presume that OCD is to with being clean and that self harm is always cutting your arms, myself included) Anyways as of yet i have not seeked any help from a profressional and well i have been more aware of my picking since i realised it was a condition but i can't say i have stopped. I was just wondering if other people had seeked help and if it had helped them and if other people had manage to stop or improve with out help.

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