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Delta , 19 Jan 2010

picking in your sleep?

I was wondering if anyone here picks in their sleep? I have not seen anywhere on this site about this and well basically i ocasionally scratch in my sleep although i have found falling asleep with the tv on helps this....i have absolutely no idea as to why the tv being on while i fall asleep would effect it at all but there you go. If i don't pick during the day however i wake up in the night picking (regardless of the tv) not just randomley scratching but specifically picking scabs or lumpy areas skin although as i am asleep it ends up being a real mess which upsets me because i always finish picking once the skin is smooth so making it even more unsmooth and messy unsettles me. It makes me nervous. Its like my mind is working away thinking that i didn't let myself pick during the day so it's going to do it for me now. If i however have smooth skin all over aka no scabs or spots or little skin tags of anykind i don't pick during the day or at night. It's really weird as to how well or bad (depending on how you look at it) my subconcious works when i am asleep. Anyways i was just wondering if anyone else did this?

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