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Marchbaby , 19 Jan 2010

Nose picking

Yes gross but I am 24 and can't stop picking my nose. I'm thinking of telling a therapist about it but am afraid he/she will judge me and be grossed out and dismiss my problem and get offended.
1 Answer
January 19, 2010
I am 18 and do the same thing. Please do not feel ashamed about it most people pick their nose at some point, i recently read an article and although i can't remeber the exact percent of a test group who admitted to picking their nose regularly but it was in the 90s. A proffesional will not judge you no matter what you say, they will have heard weirder and morally digusting things do they won't even flinch, i promise. If it makes you feel more comfortable to talk about it though why not use the conditions propername which is rhinotillexomania. There's a small article about it on this site actually here I hope you do go and get help and that it work out for you :)

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