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Ang-eh , 24 Jan 2010

I did it :) I stopped.

Yes it's true. I have "stopped" picking my face. How did I do it? I focused. I didn't let myself feel guilty for picking during my December Rehab (see a couple pages earlier in the forum if you want). I accepted myself as being imperfect and realized that no one else really cared about the spots on my face. The people in my life don't talk to me because I'm pretty or avoid me when I'm not, they like me for the person inside. I wrapped my head around my anxiety...that was the hardest part, learning to control it. I had to pin point my bad times for picking ie in the morning, before bed and before going out. Figure out why I was doing it. Deciding which would be the easiest to stop first to I could have some progress and focus on that. I started working out and thus drinking more water. That helped a surprising amount. I read the entire Twilight series over the Christmas break and that really helped calm me down and get me out of my routine that involved picking. I realized another time I picked was when I was stressed out about school and it was a form of procrastination. That was another difficult point. I had to say to myself, this is NOT the way to handle stress, this is NOT helping. I came to terms with the things in my past that bring me down and I do my best to let any anger my parents cause to drop off my shoulders...I take a walk or something, get some fresh air to help my thinking so I don't get stuck in anxiety again. I bought 2 things from the aloe line at the Body Shop...exfoliant and foam cleanser. I also used pure aloe on the cuts I caused and blemishes and then vaseline body lotion that also has aloe in (my body seems to react really well with aloe more than vitamin E or anything else). Now, I still pick sometimes...the random pimple but it's in control and I don't worry about it. I ignore the smaller things on my face that I would normally pick and know that I look beautiful even with them because people usually look at your face as a whole or your eyes or your lips. However, if there are spots it is important to realize that people do see them and they are more likely to register them if they looked picked at. I hope some of my story can help at least one person. Life has wonderful things to offer that you miss out on when you are busy in front of the mirror or worrying about hiding behind your bangs on a windy day.
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January 25, 2010
Congratulations! I can't wait until I stop, I am starting my 40 day withdrawl tomorrow! It inspires me that people can stop, and encourages me to stop completely and for good! So I thank you! ~Dust
January 27, 2010
I have been picking on my cuticles, lips, and feet for as long as I can remember. As we speak my thumbs are bleeding, my lips are raw, and my feet hurt. My worst times for doing it all is when I'm sitting at my desk at work, driving, reading, or watching movies/tv. I wish my husband would understand, he just thinks it's as easy as "just stop".
January 29, 2010

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One thing that helped me was deciding that hey! This is hurting me physically, and I don't like feeling this pain every day, it might be really nice to just let it heal by itself...cuz that should take a week or so? I can do that right? Just try letting it heal on it's own, wear a bandaid on the finger that's the worst to remind you. Remember that people can see your fingers even if you try to hide it. They'll feel sorry for you but they won't judge you for it because they don't know you. As for your are just going to have to block those comment out or ask him not to say anything about it for a while. It's just negative energy that's not helping. - Look into your eyes and appologize. -
Katie J
January 29, 2010
I just found this website. I had no idea that this was so common! I have to say - i am going ot be coming here often to look at blogs. I'm concerned about the mental health side of it tho! I DO pick at pimples, especially on my face...does this mean I have OCD or a really bad habit? This is the first time I am going to make a mental choice and commitment to try and stop. I hope I can do it without finding out I'm really messed up!

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