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Delta , 28 Jan 2010

seeking help

i have made up my mind to go seek help for my compulsion to pick skin and for various other problems i have stated in a forum called "worried about mental health". I am nervous. I have booked an appointment with my GP but i don't know what to say to him when i get there. I mean do i just say "i want to see a shrink" or what??????
2 Answers
January 30, 2010
Yes! Just go and ask for help, or check out the list of therapists on this site...thats what I did. Be strong! You can do it...the hardest part is asking for help, do that and you are away! Good luck!
January 30, 2010

In reply to by lauren

Thanks for the support! I am in the UK so the list here is not much help to me i'm affraid i just don't feel i know how to approach the subject. The only doctor i could see on an evening (i work during the day) is male, the only female at my practice doesn't do evenings and for some reason i feel really stupid approaching this problem with a man. Maybe it's because how aware i am of this condition mainly affacting females

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