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stopping , 29 Jan 2010

Trying to stop for real this time - help?

Commence long-winded post now: Hi - first let me say I'm so glad I've found a forum like this. Somehow I just assumed I was the only crazy one doing this - and even after I realized it was a type of OCD, it took even longer for me to admit that what I was doing was really a problem. I'm not exactly sure when I started picking at my face - probably sometime in late high school (I'm 20 now). I would use a small mirror at first to pop zits, and then also to squeeze at any pores that looked like that had anything in them. Later, I started doing this to the skin on my breasts, too. I only did this in private, and only when I could see the pores and what I was doing, so it wasn't an idle thing. Nobody in my life knew anything beyond that I had an acne issue, but it's so incredibly humiliating, and I was constantly angry at myself for how badly I had probably scarred myself, especially my cheeks, which look like minefields, and the tops of my breasts, which have some scarring. I'm not all that comfortable with my image anyhow, and this didn't help at all. I'd constantly promise myself that I'd stop and fail. Anyhow, the reason this is in the past tense is that I've finally managed to stop for now - I threw out the mirror that I used, and since Monday the 25th, I've managed not to pick at my skin at all. I'm really proud of myself and I feel better already, but I keep seeing all these tiny zits or clogged pores and sort of running my fingers over them, thinking how easy it would be to give in just once - and I really, really don't want to. So any tips on continuing to stop or advice on healing would be really helpful. I haven't much looked into the causes of this yet, but I'm planning to do it as well. And nice to meet you all!
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January 29, 2010
Your story sounds similar to mine. I have managed to stop picking and the biggest thing that helped me accomplish this was to get control over my anxiety...which meant I had to figure out what I was anxious about and it turned out I had a lot of contributing factors. Something to try as well...start up a new daily routine because occasionally I found I picked just out of habit, and that might help shake it off. If you are looking for something to use to clean your face, first know that some people can get by without using anything on their face. My mom only sometimes uses moisturizer and I've always been jealous of how nice her skin is, but unfortunately I never got any beauty tips from her...sooo I have to use something to wash my face. Think of it as a chemical balance...the fewer chemicals in the soap the fewer chemicals your skin is going to need to stay balanced. (I like to think of crack addicts here lol because they can't just quit if they're really heavy into it...their body has become so accustomed to the drug that they'd die if they quit cold turkey.) I'm finding anything with aloe in to be awesome..because it has vitamin E and tons of other good vitamins in it for your skin. - Look into your eyes and appologize. -
February 01, 2010

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Thanks for the tips! It's now been a week since I've pretty much stopped - I popped one really big zit and absent-mindedly scratched my face a few times, but I haven't been digging into my pores at all, which is my real problem, and every day I seem to want to less. Maybe that means I'll finally stop this time. :) (Funnily enough, I went to the skin doctor last week and he said in passing that I obviously didn't have a problem with picking, LOL. Guess it's not as obvious as I thought.)
February 01, 2010
i'm so glad for you :) keep it up, if this mirror was the main time you spent picking then i would advise getting rid of any mirrors in any rooms which are private, why not just have one mirror in a hallway or living room to do you hair or whatever in a morning and that way you won't have anywhere to pick. Also moustoriser and facemasks are good as they make the skin softer and harder to pick, do be careful with the moustoriser though try to get a none oily one or it will worsten your spots if you put on too much, try and avoid touching you face cause that can cause spots too. Maybe your dermatologist could also do something about the scars on you face and breasts which would hopefully give you a bit more confidence about you appearence. Good luck and keep us posted :)

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