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sldeel81 , 29 Jan 2010

white scars...please help

i'm 28 years old i've been picking since i can remember. i have white scars from loss of pigment i was told that the drugs they use to treat vitiligio (sp?) works to repigment...has anyone tried it or anything else besides cosmetics to bring back color to scars? if so feel free to email me at or just reply on here...thank you
2 Answers
January 30, 2010
I had one very severe scar on my leg from a fall which i then picked at. I used bio oil and the scar has faded, not completley gone. If you have larger more prominent scars i would suggest this but it doesn't really work on older already faded scars. Please tell me if this drug works for you as i have a lot of scars myself, i mainly use foundation and make-up to cover them up. I even specifically bought tan/brown towells so i could wear a lot of make-up to go swimming in and dry myself.
January 31, 2010
I have lots of white scars on my legs and arms from years of picking. I didn't realize that there are medications to help conceal them. I would also love to hear any information about this.

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