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J21 , 30 Jan 2010

teen picking legs- phsycologist??

I am a teen and I regularly pick my face and arms but mostly my legs. I have been considering going to a phsycologist because I know no other way to stop it, but I really don't want to tell my parents especially because we are so far in debt and completely broke. This seems like something important though and I really want to stop it and stop hating myself, but I'm just nervous about telling them and what going to therapy might be like. It also seems like it's not a big enough deal for the money in some ways, especially because it's so stupid and seems like it should be easy to fix.
1 Answer
January 30, 2010
It is of course a big enough a deal! please don't feel like it's not important because it is and i'm sure you and your well being mean more to your parents than any money. :) If you don't want to tell your parents just yet why don't you go see a school councelor or a doctor in confidence yourself by law they can not tell your parents anything unless you pose a threat to yourself or others.

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