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kcooksey25 , 31 Jan 2010

Has therapy worked for you?? Should I consider it??

I am a life long skin (mostly cuticle) picker, and it never occurred to me that this is not just a habit. After reading several personal stories in the forum, I am strongly thinking that I need to seek further help. Before I do that, I would love to hear stories about therapy, and if it has worked?? What kind of things do you talk about with them?? What conclusions have you come to realize since you have been attending therapy sessions?? I know this is a lot of questions, but I would love as much information as I can get!!
6 Answers
February 01, 2010
i'm glad you asked, i am also wondering this myself, i'm seeing my gp tomorrow for a referral to get professional help so i will post as much detail as i can for you after i have actually been myself :)
February 07, 2010
I am wondering the same thing. I am sick and tired of trying over and over and over again to stop picking. Lets face it will power just dont not cut it in some cases...well for me anyways. I am making a doctors appointment for monday and I am going to see what they have to say about it. If anything comes up that seems to help I will let you know.
February 07, 2010

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PLEASE DO!! I was going to talk about it with my GP at my annual in April and before then I wanted to try a couple of things to let him know what is or is not working.....please let us know what you find out......THANKS!!!!
February 13, 2010
i started therapy- had my first session a few days ago- intense. hopefully it will help!
April 10, 2010
I finally talked to my GP, and he has referred me to a psychologist and possibly a psychiatrist. I will keep you posted on any helpful information that I receive. This is a serious problem, and I am glad that I am not the only that is suffering. Please keep me posted on your progress!
April 11, 2010
i'm talking about it with my counselor right now... he's actually the reason i found this site, so i think that's a good start. he's been helping me identify WHY i pick -- what i think i'm getting out of it. and he has had a few good ideas about stopping...

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