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Jess85 , 01 Feb 2010

I didn't realise how serious this is - lets make a pact to stop!

I'm 25. Have been a serial picker for as long as I can remember! Non-existent pimples, ingrown hairs, nails and toenails...I just can't leave it alone. Its like I get this urge inside my finger tips. It drive my partner insane! And I end up feeling like 'why did i do that, look at the horrible mess I've made'. (scars, marks, flaky skin) I don't know if its a sign of wanting to be perfect? Even at night, i feel for the hems on the sheets and push them under my nails. Its like a nervous relief! An insane itch! I want to stop this. I dont want old ugly scarred hands by the time I'm its time for me to stop. I've read a few things about it being psychological and impossible to use willpower to stop doing it, but I'm going to try to quit it cold turkey! Mind over matter. Its easy for us to all say that it stems from this and that, but we are the ones doing it...and we should be able to control the urge if we try hard enough. I wish you all luck! We can do this!
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February 01, 2010
i'm sure we all can do this, i'm not going to try and attempt it alone though, one of the reason is due to some other problems i have that i have mentioned in another forum but also as well if i don't pick during the day i pick during my sleep and sometimes i even don't really relised i'm doing it at first like i'm in a weird trance. I wish you all the luck, i'm off to see someone tomorrow, i will be posting my experience of this, hope you keep us posted too :)

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