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Beth64 , 01 Feb 2010

Acrylic Nails

I hope this helps some other sufferers.I am 46 and have been picking for as long as i can remember. I find that when i have acrylic nails on my picking is severly hindered, as the nails are this and very blunt regardless of how long they are. you just cannot get an edge on a sore or scab..
2 Answers
February 01, 2010
i completely agree! ive only had them a couple of times a year or so ago, but my skin is starting to look bad again and i forgot about the gift of false nails! thanks :)
February 07, 2010
Yes.... when i had falsies done for my sisters wedding i found the same thing... had them removed but after ur comment i think i may be going to get them refixed!!! :)

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