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rachel1255 , 01 Feb 2010

do i have dermatillomania?

hey i'm completely confused but i think i may have this condition. after suffering with acne for about 4 years i was eventually given a course of tablets which really worked. my skin got a lot better. ever since then, every time i get a tiny spot or anything on my face i can't help but pick at it. sometimes it means i can't leave the house for days. today is one of these days. i couldn;t go to college today. no one seems to understand. i didnt hear about this condition until today. i didnt think it was uncontrollable, until today when i start to think about it, i never seem to be able to stop myself. i feel like if i let myself get a spot, i am going to get acne all over again. picking it seems to be a control over this, only it makes it 100 times worse. i was just wondering if you could tell me whether i have this condition or not. thanks for your help!
1 Answer
February 01, 2010
if you compulsively pick at your face then yes i would say you have this condition because thats the definition of it. I'm not a doctor though, if your worried about your spots and face then i suggest you talk to your dermatologist about it. I understand not leaving the house due to it, i have often turned down invitations out due to it.

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