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picking , 01 Feb 2010

Tangerines look like they have blackheads! HOW CRUEL.

I noticed how my tangerines have black dots that look like bigger versions of the pores on my nose, but you cant pick them! oh cruel fate. Also, i would like to feel liberated so: I pick my spots, scabs, flaky skin, the spots of my sister, father, boyfreind and mother (if i can get away with it), bite the skin around my fingernails and pick the skin off my feet/anyone elses feet. When i was young i picked my pets but have now stopped as i have realised the error of my ways. i still remember the day i discovered that every pore on your nose is pickable!!!!!! To be honest its abit annoying to always have to look at people with big blackhead packed noses and not be able to do anything, and if you pick at something and leave a scar, but apart from that it doesnt bother me.
3 Answers
February 01, 2010
wow, i can't believe how confident and at ease you seem with this compulsion, i get the impression your open about it iwth your family and boyfriend too, thanks for sharing :)
February 17, 2010
Yeah you are I think the only one I have seen on this site that picks herself and everyone in her family too!! Well, stay confident, and we'll work on this picking thing...

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