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Aubry2222 , 02 Feb 2010

Wow it has a name...Dermatillomania

I have no idea how long I've been "picking" at my skin but I know its been most of my life. I didn't even realize I had a problem until people started noticing the scars, the red bumps, etc. One of my friends noticed I was squeezing little bumps on my arm and she snapped "Stop that, you look like you have aids or something with all those bumps on your arms". At first, I just shrugged it off and continued to pick. Then my parents and even my X husband would scold me if they caught me picking and say "Look at your arms, your mutilating yourself". I pick at my face in the morning for almost an hour and then my arms usually whenever I'm bored and my breast. My boyfriend told me tonight "You think that is attractive? Bumps all over your breast?". I'm glad he said it b/c It made me stop and realize. Wow, I have real problem here. I notice it does keep me entertained when bored. Not only that but its almost like I have to rid any tiny bump or blackhead from my face. It made me think of people who pull their hair out until they have bald spots. That is exactly what this is. Its a disease and I if I don't want to look like a burned victim...I need to get help. My boyfriend said "Well, just stop" if it were only that easy. Sometimes, you don't even realize your doing it until someone draws your attention to it. Even right now, I'm tempted to pick. I need help and I'm really glad I found this site.
5 Answers
February 04, 2010
I think we've all felt that way! No idea that there was anything wrong until someone pointed it out to us....and then it has a name! Gah! Freak out time! Well, this is what's great about the site: we're rooting for each other. Isn't that great? Complete strangers here, and we want you to be happy. So, let's work on defeating this thing together! Good luck!
February 04, 2010
I just found this websit a couple of days ago and I said EXACTLY the same thing. I just came back to the website today and found the forum. I have been crying as I've been reading the comments posted by everyone. I think it is relief that I have finally found someplace to get help. I wish I could give some words of wisdom to you but I am new at this too. Hopefully it helps you to know you're not alone either. Good luck to both of us, eh?
February 07, 2010
I have also just found this site, I've known for some time that its not the norm to do stuff like this yet just cant stop picking despite knowing how its ruining my skin... like you i'm amazed that when i googled it this came up, it has a name and is an actual problem that others suffer too! I really hope i can finally find a way to stop. like jldoll01 i have also had a little cry after finding this site reading comments and realising that i actually have a problem... lets hope we can get through this!
February 12, 2010
I have been picking since high school. I am also a recovering bulimic and when I decided to stop the bulimic behaviors the picking got so bad I stopped wearing shorts/skirts, short sleeves, bathing suits, anything that would show the marks. I was just commenting to my therapist that I could always see the other side of bulimia but I can't seem to see an end to the picking. I don't know where to start. I always have my fingers and I always have my skin. I sometimes joke with myself, though it isn't really a joke, that I'm such a talented driver because I haven't gotten into any accidents...the joke is that I know I have just been lucky so far...I pick in the car all the time. This forum just might start the healing cycle...
February 15, 2010
I also never knew that this had a name and its a great relief to find others out there like me. I sometimes feel like I want to tear my skin off my face and my arms, but still I can't stop myself from doing it. I don't know where to start because I have way to much in my life to deal with to still deal with myself, or is it that I create to much other things in my life so that I don't have to deal with myself. All I know is that it has to stop and that I am so greatfull I found all of you out there.

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