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LonelyAngel , 05 Feb 2010

New here !!!!

Hey , I am 23 years old and i pick my skin , bit my skin and bit my nails .. I have been reading the info on this website and realized all my questions were answered of why i do this stuff ... and i realised that i think i do it cause of my Mom Dieing when i was 3 , My brother getting Cancer when i was 4 , being put into foster care and then brought back to my grandparents , them dieing when i was 11 and 12 ... Then living with my aunt that only cared about her internet boyfriends ... and then moving in with my god father and leaving to live on my own cause i didnt get along with his wife ... i think i do all this stuff because i cant get over anything that has happened and i dont talk to people about it ... I know i need more then just talking i need medication .. .but i am not sure what i should really do about my issues ????
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February 07, 2010
schedule an appointment with a therapist....they can help you sort out what you need to do and can also help with sounds like you have a lot of things you need to work through and I know from my experience it is nice to talk to a professional who is unbiased.....usually if you have a job your employer should have an EAP (employee assistance program) that you can call and find out how many sessions you get for free and they should have several Dr's on the plan you can choose from...if you don't like the one you pick, go to another one that will help therapist actually referred me to my GP for my antidepressant and that's who I am going to talk to about the skin picking....I guess I'll see if he refers me back to a therapist ;) my advice would also be to keep in contact with the people on this website for specific support on the picking issue.....I think all of us have things that happened to us, we just can't let it take over our lives and let us destroy ourselves.......I think we are all in the same boat here so keep us posted and let us know what works for you, maybe you can help one of us!!! talk to ya soon.......
February 07, 2010
it sounds like you have a lot to deal with. i'm sure we would all benefit from talking to someone! good luck to you- i hope we can all get the help we need soon.
February 07, 2010
Hi, LonelyAngel. I realize I have written a novel here, but I will post it anyway, hoping at least to let you know you have my wishes. I don't think anybody could have this kind of heart-wrenching childhood and survive without deep scars and years of hard work to get to the point of coping. You've got a lot to contend with, and it sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders- i think figuring out you need help is a giant step. Are you in a position to find a therapist? A therapist can help get you started, including in the direction of getting on meds. Please check into this, because you need to build a team around you to support you. I really believe that can be huge. You need online support, maybe in several areas- here, and find a group with other similarities too, but get the face to face connections too. I have been lonely much of my life, but I have found a way to reach out finally, and getting connections has helped me in many ways. No matter how deep each one is, you pull something specific out of each connection- empathy from one person, maybe an idea about letting go of pain from another, maybe you give empathy to someone and realize that one thing you do have, that many others don't, is incredible depth of understanding when it comes to others' suffering, etc. But focus on getting healthy, finding help, and taking care of the special person you are, so you can sit with her and soothe her and love her yourself. She (you) is crying for that and so, so deserves it. Hugs. Becky

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