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frenchy , 19 Mar 2008

face picking

I have been picking for about 5 or 6 years and know exzactly how you feel! Any little blackhead or tiny blemish I will pick at it! The bathroom and mirrors are my worst enemy! I also pick bad at night sometimes and go to bed hating to wake up because I will know that in the morning the aftermath of what I've done to my face is there, and that realy sucks! I always count down days until I think my face will get better, and then its good for a few days a week or maybe two weeks at the most and then the picking cycle just starts usualy I have 3 good days and then pick realy bad although during the 3 days I still pick just not as bad....
6 Answers
March 19, 2008
sounds exactly like what I do. I am much much worse at night as well. I wonder why that is... there has got to be something to that. At night we are more vulnerable, we have more time, we are more critical of ourselves? What is it about night that we have less control? We have more urges? I know we can beat this, I have quit harder addictions than this. Smoking for one, seems like a cinch in comparison right? We can do it, I swear.. good luck!
April 07, 2008
I went to a psychologist for picking/anxiety, and she said that we're so vulnerable to picking when we're fatigued... since we look for something kinda mindless to do, and we're too tired and lazy to actually resist... I know it's so hard at night! Especially like Friday night after a long week! What I try now is to get ready for bed really really quick, and even without light in the bathroom sometimes, that way I can quickly get into bed before the crazy picking urges even start. Another thing I do instead, which helps me tremendously, is that when I get home from work and making dinner or whatever, I shower or wash my face and put on night cream and everything really early in the evening so that it's out of the way when it's still light out and I have energy and lots to do. Then all you do before you go to sleep is quickly brush your teeth in the dark while you pee, lol, then get yourself into bed asap! Hope this helps your nightly urges! Rosie
May 28, 2008
I can relate to everything you said! Just remember that you're not alone. I pick at my face so much that I disfigure it. I dread getting ready in the mornings and going to school because I know it'll be all scabbed and bruised and bloody and I have to cover it up to go out in public, and in the process of covering up while looking in the mirror, I usually end up picking more and making it worse. UGH. I usually can't go more than 2 days without picking at all. The first day is okay, but by the end of the 2nd day, I'm very nervous, anxious, and agitated and picking is all I can think about.
May 31, 2008
Hello, I am new to the forum and can relate to everything said. I am in my mid 30's and have been picking for about 5 years. I just wish that I could stop this destructive behaviour. I mainly pick at my face and never allow the spots to fully heal. I also feel this behaviour is worse at night. After I come home from work, hours can be spent in the bathroom picking until I bleed. A small blemish will turn into a full blown wound after one of my picking sessions. Stress also plays a factor, I feel I am worse when going through a stressful event. I recently lost my mom to cancer and for the past 3 months I have made a mess of my face. Any tips on how to control this would be appreciated.

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