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jldoll01 , 07 Feb 2010

starting Day 1, again (sigh)

Ok so I didn't make it 100% without picking so I am starting the count again tomorrow. My problem is that if I can get myself to stop picking my face, then I find myself picking my fingers, picking my lips, etc.... But the good news is I really didn't dig in like I usually do, once I started touching or "flaking" I was able to stop....I also got some lotion and chap stick so my skin wasn't so dry and easy to pick.....I wasn't able to log on over the last couple days to enlist support but I'm NOT going to make excuses.....just keep trying, tomorrow's a new day....anyway I am REALLY grateful to have found you all.....I couldn't wait to get home today to log on.....I've even been trying to open up about my problem to a few people that I trust in my life and it has turned out good.....they don't really understand I think but they love me and I know I can tell them when I'm having a hard time....anyway, off to bed, I'm tired and I know that's a trigger for me.....I'll check back in tomorrow, God willing
2 Answers
February 07, 2010
don't be too hard on yourself if you don't quit cold turkey right away. maybe just try to do a little less every day. good luck, we're all here with you on this issue!

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