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Zane , 11 Feb 2010

Any ideas on how to tell family/friends....?

I've had dermatillomania ever since I can remember, though I never quite knew what it was called until now. I mainly pick at my gums, though I also peel the skin off my lips as well. I've tried before to stop myself on my own, but it obviously hasn't worked very well or I wouldn't be here now. I'm turning fifteen in June, and I'm a freshman in highschool. I'm sort of embarrassed of my dermatillomania... though this probably isn't very surprising or uncommon, hmmmm? Mostly I keep it hidden pretty easily, and if anyone's noticed they don't say anything about it. I like to think that no one's noticed, though. However.... I've been seriously thinking about stopping myself from picking at my gums and lips. And, especially at my age, I don't believe I can do it without the support of at least my parents. So does anyone have any good ideas how I tell them? Do I just go, "Hey Mom, do you know what dermatillomania is? Because I have it." Thanks. :D
1 Answer
February 12, 2010
yes, it's that "easy"........but I also would let them know how it makes you feel and how desparate you are to stop.....they may not understand completely but at least you won't be alone anymore if someone knows your also doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to stop maybe try to get professional help?? That is my next step anyway so I'll keep you posted....................

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