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jldoll01 , 12 Feb 2010

stressed out!

Ok, I was doing great until the other day and then I got totally stressed out because my daughter and I got into an argument and then my boyfriend was pissed off at me and I knew it was my fault, and I have a ton of homework plus work to worry about......I picked the heck out of my face again!! And I didn't even care when I was doing it! it is time to start over again, I just wanted to vent because I am angry with myself.......I guess it helps to keep track of when/why I am picking but I can't hardly wait to talk to my doctor and see what he says.......anyway, I was talking to one of my close friends about it (now that I admitted my problem) and she suggested I put a rubber band on my wrist and snap it when I want to pick (kind of a way to psyche myself out of picking I guess) first I thought it was stupid but I'm so desperate I think I'm gonna try it this weekend while I'm at work....anyway, thanks for letting me vent.....
3 Answers
February 17, 2010
No sweat honey I understand! Stress from school, work and especially people that are close to you are bound to wreak havoc on your nerves, which need an outlet for all the stress. So of course the usual outlet, the picking, is set to default. Have you looked at the 40 day challenge? Today is day one for me and I will be posted my ups and downs for the next 40 days - I want you to do it with me. Really! Breaking this habit alone is near impossible, the fact that I found this community is a miracle because I feel more support from people who are like me in this way, if the feeling is the same with you, then please take this as a personal invite to come join the challenge with me!! It'll be great! You'll be great! We can do this together and you have my support! I know that things can get really stressful, in my life some stressful things are happening - I can't find a job for one - but I need a new outlet! Picking, at least for the next 40 days and after that maybe I won't have such a strong urge, picking is no longer the answer..
February 19, 2010
I get just as frustrated as you do! I am just beginning to date this guy and I am so freaked out he will notice my arms and think I am strange or screwed up. The worst part is I still pick them! and while I am doing it I tell myself that I will be more comfortable when I am with him if I just stop now. I'm feeling angry with myself today. I asked myself in the mirror "What is wrong with you?" I don't like it when I get that bad. I have been so stressed at work that I have completely abandoned taking care of myself...this is when the picking gets out of control. My pain is showing on the outside...
February 19, 2010
I find that for me, part of it is being "in the zone". You get to be alone and you drift off into your own zone where you feel in control (even though you are out of control). I find it helps to do something for yourself by yourself when you feel the urge, like take a bath with a good book, or ipod (careful in the bath :P) or paint your nails or something. So you give yourself that time but aren't being destructive. Part of why I pick is because when I pick I forget all about my stress and just concentrate on picking. It is comforting to have an activity like picking where you can just remove yourself from life's stresses. So if you find an activity that you can replace with picking that will occupy you until you feel good, then you will do better. The more days/ hours you go without picking, the less you will want to. The hardest is the first 2 days I think. Just keep in mind that picking is an urge that WILL and DOES go away if you do something to take your mind off the urge.

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