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frenchy , 19 Mar 2008

Why picking is worse at night and ect

so picking is worse at night I believe because it alieviates all of the stress and tension build up from the day and it seems whenni try not to pick it makes me want to pick more u know I always wonder out of all of the mental illnesses why I had to have skin picking I guess it is what it is and now I just have to stop it talk about will power they say though when you have OCD there is a glitch in your brain a signal gone haywire with overgrooming is what they say skinpickers have so basically I guess I need to be reprogramed
2 Answers
March 23, 2008
ive come to relize that mine is worst at night because i get bord noone is up nothing on tv and its too quiet try to stay busy at night and avoid the area where you tend to start picking at
January 23, 2009
I think its harder at night to control cause all day you are surrounded by people but at night it's possible to be alone and when you're alone we all know what happens :(

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