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vburns87 , 12 Feb 2010

Never knew

I've always had a problem with picking my face, arms and shoulders. Every time I became stressed out, depressed and such I picked. I knew it was a disorder but I never knew what it was called and that there are more people just like me. I've never told anyone even my husband about this. I use to feel ashamed and I still do at times. My husband is always telling me to stop picking which makes me pick more. I'm thinking about going to see a psychiatrist about this but I don't think my husband will ever believe that it is an actual disorder and I'm suffering from it. I really dont know what brought me to look on the web for more info. Maybe I'm just sick and tired of dealing with this alone. I'm only 22 and I'm about to have my 2nd daughter. I don't know what I'll do if they grow up and ask me why I picked all the time. I think when the time comes I'll be able to handle it but right now I dont think I can handle this anymore. I've been doing it sense I was 14 and now that I'm older I feel like I shouldnt be doing it. For those who read this thank you for taking your time and reading my thoughts
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February 13, 2010
You should consider therapy, although it isn't a cure-all. I originally sought help for my anxiety and depression. I didn't think my skin picking was an actual disorder, but just something I did. I eventually told a psychiatrist about it and he thinks I have OCD. I've been on lots of meds, but the combo that worked best for me is Prozac and Risperdal. It didn't get rid of it all together, but helped the urges go down. Even without meds, it might help for you to just have someone to talk to. And as an aside, my husband still thinks it is just a bad habit that I haven't tried hard enough to stop.

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