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Pickins , 17 Feb 2010

Just stumbled upon the site - looking for advice

Hello everyone. I stumbled upon the site and I have been reading into some of the stuff on skin picking. Ive picked my cuticles, lips, scabs (and any other imperfections) for as long as i can remember. I've only told one person about this, so I'm thrilled to have found a community of people with similar issues because, as you all know, this is a very embarrassing and shameful practice that most do not have to deal with. One thing that I was hoping to get feedback on, however, is a skin picking practice that I have yet to find much information on. As I said, I have been picking since I was a child (I'm currently 23). I normally pick my cuticles, fingernail area, scabs, scalp, and sometimes my lips. At some point I started cutting pieces of skin off of myself and chewing it / eating it. I'll try to explain. I normally cut "excess" skin from my heels, calluses on my feet and hands, basically where there is enough skin to cut off some without it hurting and bleeding, etc. I often start a cut on my heel with a knife and then pick at the area and peel skin from it. Many times, however, I simply cut several pieces of skin from my heels and then either throw them away or i chew them or even eat them. I'm really interested in stopping this practice because I normally get carried away and damage the heel area to the point that it is an open wound and then I have to walk on it. I apologize for the lengthy post. It feels good to write some of this stuff down and tell people. Do any of you cut yourselves on the heel or other places in order to initiate picking? I'm seeking information / advice / or simply anyone who does this also and can possibly share their story.

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