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hopeful_4_bett… , 17 Feb 2010

i'm backkk

Wow guys i havent been here in a minute! i guess i was kinda getting better and last night i had a really bad relapse =( and so am back... well let me re-introduce myself.. im 22 years old, im from miami fl.. im hispanic and i been suffering with Compulsive Skin Picking for about 5 years now. It's hell! i only pick at my face and now i only pick at my left cheek.. so i guess i have gotten better cuz there was a time when i picked at my whole face! i have let old wounds heal thankfully.. but damn last night sucked. i mean am not gona say i had stopped picking but i did it alot less, last night i went all out! =/ and so my cheek is swollen and i feel like shyt.. but am glad i can come here and not feel alone.. i like that 40 day plan thing.. im def gona try it! day one begins today..!

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