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Miserable , 18 Feb 2010

How should I treat the sores?

I wasn't going to do it again and now I'm on the verge of tears because I did. I'm not comfortable talking about it so I'll make this brief. How do I treat the sores on my forearms so they will heal as quickly as possible?
5 Answers
February 23, 2010
I use some kind of antibiotic ointment then put a bandage on each spot. I will leave the bandage there for a day or so so I won't be tempted to pick it while it is still vulnerable. When I do take them off I do it right before I am getting dressed for work, this way I put clothing on and don't see any tempting spots. I am not going to tell you the best way to heal is not to pick because we both know that is like telling a dog to sit and stare at a piece of bacon. I'm glad you were comfortable enough to post something. You are not alone here and you are not a bad person because you pick. ((Hugs))
June 06, 2011
what type of antibiotic ointment? prescription or like neosporin. I've been using peroxide and then neosporin. But this is my face! I am on the verge of tears too. so sick and tired of hating myself for not being able to resist such a stupid freaking urge. It's not drugs or alcohol for Christ's sake.... at least people understand that addiction. How mortified was I when getting intimate with my dude the other day, he HAD TO HAVE noticed these spots on my upper back that I tried my best to treat in a short amount of time and cover. I get an area cleared up and I jack up another area of my body. Upper back/face. UGH. Maybe I will call the doctor. Hope at least this doc understands
June 10, 2011

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I know how you feel! Having a bf is good motivation to change our behavior! I have been using polysporin, but frankly, I feel nothing works completely. I just have to stop, there is no other way. You can do it!
June 08, 2011
please help me whoever knows how to treat the sores. I have tried everything. I have sores all ove r my forearms and they will not go away. I have gone to a dermatologist and he said just dont touch but that wont work for me. I tried not touching for a few days and it doesnt go away so I go back to picking. Please help if you know of a solution to treat the sores.
June 09, 2011
I'm so sorry you all feel so low :( I know how you feel and it's the worst feeling in the world, but I'm doing better and I know one day you will too. Remember, YOU are in control of this and YOU have the power to change it. It's not easy to stop picking, but it sure as hell is worth it :) Anyways, for sores I use 1% hydrocortisone cream. I basically just keep slathering it on until I feel like it's been absorbed. Then I put just regular antibiotic ointment (neosporin) and cover it with a bandaid. Just last week I had a horrible lesion type thing on my cheek and now, after doing this everynight for a week, it's practically gone with no scarring whatsoever! I thought for sure it would leave a big, ugly scar but it turned out fine. I really hope this works for you as well as it has for me. Stay positive :)

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