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mf1st , 19 Feb 2010

starting the end.. today.. you should too!

I am going to start the end... right now .... I wish that I didn't have to quit anything to start with but the fact is I do. I need to stop. I have to stop... It is just depressing going into the bathroom now to even take a shower because I am faced with the truth. I wish I could just avoid the bathroom all together,lol. I would pee in the kitchen sink if I had to. It is just getting so old I could break every mirror in the house and be perfectly content. I don't need that temptation. But the truth is I have it. So I have to own up. ... I am going to make a consequence every time I pick. Like having to pay someone five bucks every time I do it or something. I encourage others to do the same! It is definately not worth it. Who really wants to deal with the issue for the rest of your life? It isn't worth it!
2 Answers
February 20, 2010
that is true, it is definitely not worth it. Well, welcome to the site, we have all faced it here and so you are not alone! So far, it seems like everyone is trying that 40 day challenge thing, even me. Apparently, after about 40 days of not indulging in a habit, the urges will subside. Of course, the challenge is making it through 40 days without picking! I think you should try it too. This would be my day number 4, but I messed up and so now today is day one again. But we all support each other in this effort, we all want to heal both mentally and physically so come join us in the challenge!
February 24, 2010
ah man, i there with u. i was gonna give up picking for lent hahaha, but i just couldn't, my insides were forcing me to start picking again. i just started healing, from one of my most horriable picking adventure yet. and i need to stop. i look like a fool. i need to quit, and stop being so weak. so i'm gonna try with u, i gonna give this shit up, for the better. keep me in your prayers, or whatever, and i will do the same.

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