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katrinanoel , 20 Feb 2010

I've only had this for a year, can i stop myself?

I'm fifteen. :( I do not have any form of natural acne or pimples, but for me i had dry skin on the back of my arms. I just picked at it from annoyance or itch. Unfortunatly, it went from thoughtless removal, to a deep trance like state in which i almost completely blacked out. It was like my body was betraying me, and i was watching it in horror as i made my, as vain as it sounds, pretty porcleian skin into a mess of irritated picked marks. Then, my arms weren't enough. I picked my thighs, the top of my chest, my shoulders, and then i began to do it to my face. I have had this for only a year, and i do not want it to go any further. Thankfully, there is only very faint scars on my arms, everywhere else was shadowed in comparrison to this area for me, but this is a daily struggle for me. I relapse, then i feel horribly depressed. I hate having to constantly pick and choose clothes that hide my self affliction. I hate looking at pictures of myself from last year and seeing how nice my skin COULD be, if only i stopped. But i CANT. i try, and i try, but i fail. As vain as it is, i feel as though i have the potential to be physically pretty, but i just cant get the motive to break my own spell. Im happy with who i am as a person, so why do i do this? I want to stop...or at the very least, reduce this. What should i do? I have had it for a short time, and i am hoping i can catch myself before i ruin my self esteem forever. Only my parents and best friend know, i hide it disgustingly well. But i am not well. Please...i want to stop myself from this, because it's hurting my parents and closest friend...please...
2 Answers
February 20, 2010
get help for this now. ask your gp about it, see a counsellor, show them this website, whatever you have to do! i only hope that you can save yourself the suffering and permanent scarring that most of us on these boards have form years of dealing with this condition untreated. good luck to you dear.
February 21, 2010

In reply to by anniem

Thank you. I showed this to my parents, and they are incredibly relived to have an identity to figth with. Knowing it is a compulsion is giving all of us something to relate with. I know they were frusterated because they didn't know what was going on. Im going to see a psycologist, and begin to do stress relieving techniques, more exercise to release the feel good endorphins, anything that helps. Snapping a rubber band when i catch myself picking and scratching, parents monotering how long i'm in the bathroom. Whatever it takes, and i refuse to quit untill ive broken this comulsion. My mom also said that her youger brother had similar compulsion issues, so that backs hereditary. I want to stop, im just thankful i caught it so early. And thank you, i hope you may overcome what situation your dealing with. I wish everyone here the best in this inner conflict. I believe we can all take control. This is our life, so i say we should try for the best.

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